Products That Make Life Smarter

  • Smart Watches

    Our wide range of Logia Smart Watches that are compatible with all phones, regardless of brand or model. They add a touch of elegance to your style both in your business life and in your daily life. You can use them with the square, rectangular or round screen of your choice and record and control many data, including your health status, to the extent you allow. Visit to learn more about our Logia Smart Watches.

  • Accessories

    You can personalize your smartwatch with many different types and colors of straps using Logia Smart Watch Accessories. Check out our website to see our wide selection of straps.

Products that Add Value to Sound

  • Headphones

    Logia Headphones with special designs, high sound quality and long battery life that will let you enjoy uninterrupted listening for long periods of time. You can use them while doing sports, traveling, or whenever you want to withdraw into your own world. Visit our website to check out our stylish Logia Headphones.

  • Speakers

    Visit our to check out our specially designed Logia Speakers that can be with you everywhere, wired or wireless, and compatible with all your devices.

Restarting Products

  • Chargers

    Visit our website for our specially designed Logia Chargers, which we offer you in a wide range of products from wired to wireless, from single to triple device charging.